• Can I use vsj-standard with Java 1.7?

    I have an application with desktop client who connect with the server via vsj-weblogic library:

    - jaas.config
    - WinSSPIProvider --> WinSSPI.dll
    - EjbClientKerberosLoginModule


    My weblogic server is running on java 8, but I can't upgrade java from client…

  • Error occured while loading /active_users_report/data/?url=http://askit.vodacom.corp/&_=1491814106629

    Environment: SharePoint 2010.

    Only happening on the one site and not on any other 25 sites.

    Restarted all the Services.

    Only happening on the active users report (Daily usage) and not on the other reports.


    Help please

  • What is needed for File and application server Migration from source to target using Migration Manager 8.13


    I have plan to Migrate file servers and Application Servers (hosted on Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers). I knew that servers we can call computer accounts.

    Since we already migrated users, groups and user computers from source to target using ADMS. Now…

  • How do I edit my own forum post?

    Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.  I just posted to a forum but I don’t see a way to edit my post? How would I change/modify the post?