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Custom process for PWOHelperPWO table – no event is generated

I have created a custom process for PWOHelperPWO table and have added all the possible generation events to it.

When a request is being made, new rows are added to the table but no event is generated - my process doesn't start.

When I try to generate an event in Object Browser I get "You are not allowed to generate events for table PWOHelperPWO." error.

When I simulate an event - the process is being started and everything looks fine.

  • Hi KKR,

    Please understand that just because you define a process to react off an event, it doesn't necessarily mean that that event will be captured. The PWOHelperPWO table only supports DECISIONCOLLECTION, DECISIONREQUIRED, and REMIND. It does not support/implement INSERT or UPDATE.

    And the error is correct .... you are not allowed to directly generate events ..... for testing purposes you could write a process that runs a FIREGENEVENT on PWOHelperPWO. But only for the implemented events.

    HTH, Barry.