Synchronization editor problem: mapping property with script retrieve object

Hi all,

I'm synchronizing a csv with the department objects

in my csv file I had a code for department manager that is equal to a code in field CustomProperty01 on Person object.

With the property "Key resolution by reference" I can insert the UID_Person in UID_PersonHead on Department object but...

If Person has a UID_PersonMasterIdentity is not empty I need to insert in UID_PersonHead of Department that UID.

So if a Person as a masteridentity attached to it I need to insert that person as department Manager.

I don't know how to do it in Synch Editor I thinkg with a script property but I can't figure out how.




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  • Does it translate the call to an Iqueryable call to the oneImConnector and retrieve just in time the data over the  OneIM-Connector/objectlayer from the 1IM Database while applying at the same time the constraints definied in the scope and schema within the synchronization editor?

    It uses the OneIMConnector to retrieve the data and all Synchronization Project settings apply and not the object layer alone. That's the reason why you have to pin the object type you are using in the schema.

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