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Remove duplicate ADSAccount objects



We have lots of duplicate ADSAccount objects with same Object guid, sid and canonicalname (our primary keys) and XMarkedForDeletion=0. The thing is that if I delete and object ADS sync project try to remove that Account from AD as groups.


We've disable the ADSAccount_Delete proccess to try to avoid that.


Do you know any procedure process to delete those duplicates?





  • IMHO You have some problem in Your sync project as this does not happen normally.

    ...but that is what I would try :

    1. set target system (AD) as read only in sync editor (this will prevent any changes to be replicated to AD )!!!!!!

    2. Delete duplicated accounts
    3. run sync with AD again
    4. check and delete Outstanding objects
    5. now you might jump to step 3 again and see if after second sync outstanding objects are not appearing any more!

    6. if this is not cleared in like 3 iterations You definitely must check or ( ...terrible news ;-) ) even recreate Your AD Sync project if you messed it up too much. In my experience OOTB this sync project works.

    You might get some frozen processes in queue with error that they can not write to read only system but just "continue with error" ;-)