Synchronization and Templates

I'm looking for an explaination of what happens to Templates during a Synchronization.  I see lots of evidence that Templates are not getting triggered during a Sync from a target to One Identity.  In a number of threads I see the comment that the Sync Engine does not have access to the Object Layer.  I'm wondering if anyone can explain this.  What does his mean?  What are the implications?

My guess is right now, that if you are using an Active directory connector, the templates are triggered on any ADS table being written to.  In the templates, FULLSYNC can be used to determine how to react to a changed attribute.  But if you are not using the AD Connector, or you are syncing to anything except for ADS tables, the Sync Engine just writes directly to the database.  The object layer is bypassed and templates are never triggered.  Is this true?  What about events?  Are all UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE events triggered?

If I am wrong... that the object-layer is used and templates are getting fired.  What can cause templates to not fire?

One specific example I have is using the LDAP connector to update Persons.  I have a custom field CCC_FirstName.  The template for the standard FirstName says:  Value = CCC_CleanName($CCC_FirstName$).  After a SYNC, CCC_FirstName is changed, bu FirstName has not.  Is the Template not executed, or does the fact that the template references a custom-script cause the template to (silently) fail?

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