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Target address and proxy address attribute provisioning in v8


I'm having a hard time understanding the way the attribute proxyAddresses and targetAddress are provisioned in Active Directory and Exchange sync projects in v8.

I have two main issues:

- in v6 there was a attribute ADSAccount.TARGET_Address, which could be mapped to the corresponding attribute in AD. It seems to be gone from the OneIM schema in v8. Why is that? I didn't find any mention of this in the documentation, and I'm about to make an schema extension to the ADSAccount table...

- I don't really understand the roles and differences of the ADSAccount.proxyAddresses field, compared to the Ex0Mailbox.EmailAddresses field, or the ADSAccount.OtherMailbox field. To me it feels like they are all the same thing (an alias adresses to which one can write, and the email will be routed to the corresponding email address). I didn't find anything related to that in the documentation. Can someone explain how these are supposed to be used? I'm sorry I know this is a very general question, but I'm really out of ideas here. I tried finding some documentation (either OneIM or AD/Exchange) which could explain which attributes are used and when, but I couldn't.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,