• Exchange Disable Process can not triggered?


    When an employee becomes InActive, the exchange disabled process does not triggered. It listens DELETE item.  But we keep the mailbox data in the database. So we don't want to delete physically. But in my opinion; the process triggers  if only…

  • Exchange user rights


    As we are about to manage Exchange users and all sort of Mailboxes I would like to check how can I get information about different rights users have on the mailbox like:

    • Send on Behalf (this is seen in the system - table EX0MailBoxSendOnBehalfPerm…
  • How to create mailbox based on organization name?

    Hello, experts!

    There are two mail domains(Apple.com and Pear.com) and two organizations (Apple and Pear).
    By default, when a new user is created, a domain primary mailbox(tomato.local) is assigned to the user, and it is also registered everywhere.


  • How to hide mail-enabled distribution list memberships

    I need to hide mail-enabled distribution list memberships for some distribution groups. Is this possible without the product Active Roles ?

  • Sync Editor - Error creating a Sync Project for Exchange 2016

    Hello everybody,
    we use version 8.0.3. We are currently preparing for the CutOver.

    As part of this testing of the last implementation of all the necessary steps, no sync project for Exchange 2016 can currently be created. We get the following error message…

  • Provisioning an unexpected value in attribute Mail of AD

    Hello experts,


    1IM is provisioning the “Mail” attribute of some AD accounts as blank (“”) when this should be Person.CCC_email and we cannot explain why this is happening despite Person.CCC_email being always filled.

    We have…

  • Hybrid Exchange 2016 and One Identity Manager (8.0.2)


    Need to get hold of anyone who have fixed implementing One Identity with a hybrid Exchange Environment, because I'm struggling mightily with this.

    Since Exchange "converts" the local mailbox to a remote mailbox after the migration to Exchange…

  • Error DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow

    Hi, everyone. Recently we faced a problem. When we try to compile our database we have such errors "Error compiling script Precode of Chain ADS_Group_Delete(39,0): DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level…

  • Target address and proxy address attribute provisioning in v8


    I'm having a hard time understanding the way the attribute proxyAddresses and targetAddress are provisioned in Active Directory and Exchange sync projects in v8.

    I have two main issues:

    - in v6 there was a attribute ADSAccount.TARGET_Address…

  • How Synchronization works .

    I have a doubt in AD/Exchange  synchronization.We have configured different Synchronization project and created schedule for Provisioning and synchronization.

    But i have noticed that if we create or delete user in One idm ,the user account immediately…

  • ProhibitSendReceiveQuota



    As business requirement we must set in Exchange ProhibitSenQuota and IssueWarningQuota to an specific number but we must set ProhibitSendReceiveQuota to UNLIMITED. When creating EX0MailBox Object is compulsory to set that attribute, otherwise we cannot…

  • Map exchange attributes | Not existing on ADSAccount (user)

    What do I have to do, to activate the exchange attributes like "mailNickname" on the ADSAccount (user) site in the mapping editor?

    Do I have to use the exchange connector to connect to exchange or activate some other kind of setting?

  • Attestation Approval by E-mail Reply (Exchange Online)

    I located the following technical document regarding attestation by e-mail responses, however I'm curious to know if this is possible in environments that do not have on premise Exchange, but have Exchange Online that is synchronized to AD without Identity…

  • Connect Exchange 2016 Loadbalancer with 1IM 7.0.2


    currently I am trying to create a sync project in 1IM 7.0.2 for Exchange 2016. As Exchange Server I want to use a load balancer address. The connection is tested successfully.

    The problem is that I cannot finish the creation of the synchronization…

  • Mail related templates are not firing


    Using birthright roles and account definitions (AD & Exchange), I was able to create AD account and Exchange mailbox however mail fields (DefaultEmailAddress in Person and Mail in ADSAccount) are not getting populated. When I saw DefaultEmailAddress…

  • Approval By Mail through an O365 Mailbox

    Anyone know if it is possible to set up an O365 mailbox as the "Approval by Mail" inbox in v6.1? Is it possible in the latest version v7.1?


    Client is moving from on-premise Exchange to a hybrid between on-premise Exchange and O365.


    Thanks in…