• How to hide mail-enabled distribution list memberships

    I need to hide mail-enabled distribution list memberships for some distribution groups. Is this possible without the product Active Roles ?

  • Sync Editor - Error creating a Sync Project for Exchange 2016

    Hello everybody,
    we use version 8.0.3. We are currently preparing for the CutOver.

    As part of this testing of the last implementation of all the necessary steps, no sync project for Exchange 2016 can currently be created. We get the following error message…

  • Provisioning an unexpected value in attribute Mail of AD

    Hello experts,


    1IM is provisioning the “Mail” attribute of some AD accounts as blank (“”) when this should be Person.CCC_email and we cannot explain why this is happening despite Person.CCC_email being always filled.

    We have…

  • Hybrid Exchange 2016 and One Identity Manager (8.0.2)


    Need to get hold of anyone who have fixed implementing One Identity with a hybrid Exchange Environment, because I'm struggling mightily with this.

    Since Exchange "converts" the local mailbox to a remote mailbox after the migration to Exchange…

  • Error DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow

    Hi, everyone. Recently we faced a problem. When we try to compile our database we have such errors "Error compiling script Precode of Chain ADS_Group_Delete(39,0): DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level…

  • Target address and proxy address attribute provisioning in v8


    I'm having a hard time understanding the way the attribute proxyAddresses and targetAddress are provisioned in Active Directory and Exchange sync projects in v8.

    I have two main issues:

    - in v6 there was a attribute ADSAccount.TARGET_Address…

  • How Synchronization works .

    I have a doubt in AD/Exchange  synchronization.We have configured different Synchronization project and created schedule for Provisioning and synchronization.

    But i have noticed that if we create or delete user in One idm ,the user account immediately…

  • ProhibitSendReceiveQuota



    As business requirement we must set in Exchange ProhibitSenQuota and IssueWarningQuota to an specific number but we must set ProhibitSendReceiveQuota to UNLIMITED. When creating EX0MailBox Object is compulsory to set that attribute, otherwise we cannot…

  • Map exchange attributes | Not existing on ADSAccount (user)

    What do I have to do, to activate the exchange attributes like "mailNickname" on the ADSAccount (user) site in the mapping editor?

    Do I have to use the exchange connector to connect to exchange or activate some other kind of setting?

  • Attestation Approval by E-mail Reply (Exchange Online)

    I located the following technical document regarding attestation by e-mail responses, however I'm curious to know if this is possible in environments that do not have on premise Exchange, but have Exchange Online that is synchronized to AD without Identity…

  • Connect Exchange 2016 Loadbalancer with 1IM 7.0.2


    currently I am trying to create a sync project in 1IM 7.0.2 for Exchange 2016. As Exchange Server I want to use a load balancer address. The connection is tested successfully.

    The problem is that I cannot finish the creation of the synchronization…

  • Mail related templates are not firing


    Using birthright roles and account definitions (AD & Exchange), I was able to create AD account and Exchange mailbox however mail fields (DefaultEmailAddress in Person and Mail in ADSAccount) are not getting populated. When I saw DefaultEmailAddress…

  • Approval By Mail through an O365 Mailbox

    Anyone know if it is possible to set up an O365 mailbox as the "Approval by Mail" inbox in v6.1? Is it possible in the latest version v7.1?


    Client is moving from on-premise Exchange to a hybrid between on-premise Exchange and O365.


    Thanks in…

  • RE: Enable Mailbox command not recognized error when working on Exchange VI_Ex2k_ADSAccount_Enable_MailObject job


    This usually means that the job server service account (that ultimately is used to run the PoSh scripts) does not have the right permissions.  I usually find that 'Recipient Management' is needed.  What you can do is start a PoSh session on…

  • Problem appending multivalued attribute proxyAddressess in ActiveDirectory Update Task


    im using Quick Connect v5.0 to do GAL Sync between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 AD Forests. Also i prepare for the Exchange MoveRequests from 2003 to 2010.

    instead of just copying the proxyAddresses attribute i need to add the LegacyExchangeDN…

  • Exchange 2010 Error

    Has anyone received this error before?

    2013-06-06 02:47:10 -06:00 - VI.JobService.JobComponents.Ex2010Component - 3ff229d5-ccfa-45c1-9aa7-ce8ec5dea32c: Errors occured
        [1607002] Login with user account tmglab\svc_q1im failed.
        [1617004] Error creating the…

  • Exchange server 2010 role

    Is there a requirement which role an Exchange server must have to be used as server to synchronize against, provided that the synchronization server is a different member server in the domain? Like does it have to be a server with CAS (Client Access Server…

  • Exchange Recipient Type Details 'Mail User' opposed to 'User Mailbox'

    Hi All,

    Recently we have seen an increase in reactivated ADSAccount Exchange mailboxes being enabled as Recipient Type Details 'Mail User' opposed to 'User Mailbox'. This has prevented some of our users from utilizing a functional mailbox, to correct…

  • Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message reply

    I am trying to Enable AUTO Out-Of-Office (OOO) message reply  for disabled active directory users that own a mailbox in case the employee is terminated or quits.

    I have the following powershell scripts to process output of Exchange 2010 PowerShell cmdlets…

  • Creating email notification for Identity Manger Personnel

    I am trying to create a process that sends email notofication for the Identity Manager Personnel up on the denial of the requests  by the resource owner. The email trigger should be fired when the resource owner denies the removal of the access/entitlements…

  • How to configure Exchange with object in root domain?

    We have an installation where all AD objects are in one domain (DOMAIN_X), this domain belongs to a parent domain (DOMAIN_Z) which is empty for AD users and groups. But, all exchange objects (mailboxes, contacts, etc) are defined in the top domain (DOMAIN_Z…

  • Modifying Custom Email Notification Process

    We are trying to customize the subject, body and header of the following email notifications.

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg Send Mail when Unsubscribe

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg_Send Mail when Closed and refused

    VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg_Send Mail when Closed

    Does anyone…

  • missing exchange mapping


    After configuring an Exchange Server 2010 in Quest 6.1 Manager I'm missing the Exchange mapping so I could configure a Exchange synchronization.

    The relevant Exchange configuration parameters have been set, the database has been compiled afterwards…

  • Secure Exchange Communication


    I wondered, if one can configure the Exchange Synchronization to work over https.

    If I understand this right, then the Jobserver communicates with the Exchange server over winrm and uses the standard http port 80.

    winrm can be used over https also…

  • Provisioning Query


    I am new to Dell One Identity Manager.

    And along with managing user lifecycle, I have the requirement to provision user accounts to AD, exchange, sharepoint, etc.

    I just need to understand that would Dell One Identity Manager alone is sufficient to cater…