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Hybrid Exchange 2016 and One Identity Manager (8.0.2)


Need to get hold of anyone who have fixed implementing One Identity with a hybrid Exchange Environment, because I'm struggling mightily with this.

Since Exchange "converts" the local mailbox to a remote mailbox after the migration to Exchange Online (and the other way around during offboarding), the local mailbox object in One Identity will be marked as outstanding. And when I run the dynamic roles check the next time, the process TSB_PersonHasTSBAccountDef_Autodelete_Account will get frozen becuase it can't delete outstanding object in the target system.

Currently I'm migrating mailboxes with Powershell outside of 1IM and am thinking of doing it with a process within 1IM (still with Powershell though).

Need help telling me if this is the best way forward.

Best regards,