Provisioning an unexpected value in attribute Mail of AD

Hello experts,


1IM is provisioning the “Mail” attribute of some AD accounts as blank (“”) when this should be Person.CCC_email and we cannot explain why this is happening despite Person.CCC_email being always filled.

We have checked it’s template and nothing explains the empty value… But at some point after a sync project is executed the Mail value of the AD is deleted for some accounts (Not all).

Any help on how we could debug it will be appreciated. The key thing to know would be what is making the ADSAccount.Mail = blank in the first place.

Thanks in advance

  • Hi,
    The default provisioning in an Active direcrtory shell maps ADSAccount.Mail against user.mail. If you have not changed it, it does not matter what is at Person.CCC_email, because the value is taken from ADSAccount.Mail and provisioned to AD. Check that how the mapping is configured. Check the values of ADSAccount.Mail, if the mapping is based on this column.

    General tips:

    1. In ObjectBrowser you may simulate the templates by choosing an object and Object>Execute Templates. To go a step further debugging the templates is possible with the System Debugger.

    2. Activate the logs for the provisioning to see, if the value is changed during the provisioning (Configuring the synchronization log).