• Virtual Object matching rule

    Hello All,

    I seem to be having an issue with my object matching rule in synchronization editor. I had this issue years ago and got it fixed. I recently went to version 8.0 and now no matter what i do the i keep getting duplicate inserts for a single entry…

  • Error with Synchronization Project

    I have been using the One Identity Manager connector to set up a Synchronisation project with OIM version 8.2. When I simulate or try to run the synchronization I get an error message

    Error running synchronization project (Test OIM DB Project)'s workflow…

  • Scheduled process executing custom script

    Hello everyone,

    I wrote a synchronization script that fetches data from an API and creates person objects in the database.

    I created a custom event and process that runs the script and I set the person table as the base object for the process being triggered…

  • Synchronization editor deletes new created SAP memberships


    we are using one Identity version 8.2.

    In a testcase an order with 1000 SAPRole membership will be placed with our custom bulk import function via Web portal.

    Everything works as expected and 1000 provisioning processes will be triggered properly…

  • DB2 provider not showing up during synchronization project creation

    Hello everyone,

    Are you aware of any working process to create a DB2 sync project?

    I've installed the 64 bit DB2 drivers and added those to the GAC, however the provider list remains empty when I try to define the DB2 connection.

    For context, I tried…

  • Error syncing AD and releasing permissions on job server

    I'm trying to sync my active directory (windows server 2016) with One identity manager but the installation doesn't recognize my Job server.
    I tried to release the sync permission by the Designer but the application does not finalize the command…

  • Questions about messages from the SAP Synchronization Log


    we are still using version 8.0.5

    During a review of the logs of the synchronization with SAP R/3 we noticed strange messages

    #1 SAPTitle
    we have no influence on the Titles in SAP and can't make sense of this message yet

    [810391] Error flushing…

  • SAP R/3 authorization objects synch error 'End mark RFCID.TableCompr'

    Am getting below error while synching SAP authorization objects.

    "[1777124] Error executing projection step (objectHasField) of projection configuration (Initial Synchronization (Initial Synchronization)).
    [1777219] Error executing synchronization…

  • Synchronization Editor Issues - Initial Synchronization

    Hi, i'm currently using 8.1.3, and i'm facing these errors while performing 'Initial Synchronization'.


    Synchronization summary
    Synchronization objects with errors
    Object state New

  • Oracle HR Person Management

    Using the Oracle EBS Module we setup the default Sync Projects. Specifically talking about the Oracle E-Business Suite HR Data sync package - how can we update Oracle HR person records? We would like OneIM to govern our Oracle HR persons. 

    When you try…

  • 1 user license does not sync properly into AD

    Hi all, I have a sets of user and I added a license on their department all user where to sync properly into AD but among them there is one user who does does not sync into the ad properly when I check the AD it is missing the License. I am currently…

  • INACTIVE account in One identity but still ACTIVE in active directory

    Hi again, I have a problem regarding the deactivating an  Active Directory account. It appears that the account is already INACTIVE in One Identity but still active on ACTIVE DIRECTORY.

  • UNSAccountBInUNSGroupB in target system when XIsInEffect is set to false does not remove role when synchronizing

    I am configuring leaver flow. I configure the UNS and AD account definition to be retained when user is inactive and not to retain roles on manage level. For AD everything works OK. ADSAccountInADSGroup gets flag XIsIneffect set to false and group…

  • Custom Project template is not available on template selection.

    Hi All,

    I have created a custom SAP synchronization project template from the existing sync project.

    Now I am creating another SAP sync project but on the template selection window, I can not see the custom project template that I have created.

    Do you…

  • How to provision SAPUser CUA Profile Assignments (SAPUserInCUAProfile)

    Hi all,

    for some reason (due to filter changes) the SAP CUA sync went a bit crazy in our sandbox environment and deleted role and profile assignments. While I could restore the role assignments I wonder how I can reprovision the profile assignments as…

  • ObjectGUID in 1IM not update after provisionning to Target System


    1IM 8.1

    I created Sync Project Native database connector to PostgreSQL DB.

    I created mappings 1IM <-> PostgreSQL.

    Roles created in PostgreSQL correct. But ObjectGUID in 1IM UNSAccountB not update after provisionning.

    Force mapping against…

  • AD Provisioning fails with: Unable to execute method (Insert object) for object (Xxxx) because not all mandatory properties are defined.

    My AD Account Provisioning has stopped working.  It always fails with the error "not all mandatory properties are defined".  It is complaining about "cn, objectClass, sAMAccountName".

    To eliminate moving parts, I go to the Sync Editor…

  • Unable to sync data in UNSACCOUNB table


    I am working on version 8.1.3 and I am using custom target system and trying to read the data from target system. I have created mapping, workflows, start up configuration for the same. When I execute "Simulate" in start up configuration, it shows…

  • Azure AD User sync error


    We have recently set up azure sync in our project. We are currently testing out the import of Azure AD schema into our database. The sync for groups and other schema types is working fine. But for users sync we are getting the below error for all…

  • 8.1.2 - SAP Connector not able to select "SAP R/3 authorization objects" template

    For some reason I am not able to select the above mentioned template.

    What could be the reason?

    I see in the debug-log of the sync editor the template is general available.

    SQL Query: select ConnectedSystem, ConnectedSystemSubType, ConnectedSystemVersion…

  • Synchronization project connecting CSM and UCI to use the UCI_Web portal for manual provisioning

    Hi There,

    We like to keep track of a cloud application in Identity Manager. As described in the documentation we like to use the "manual provisioning" option of the CSM module and UCI_Web portal.

    All installed so far, but now I am missing the…

  • Getting error in AD synchornization to Update


    Getting error while running AD Synchronization to Update. Synchronization inserting to AD from one identity manger is fine.

    Error As follows

    [System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException] There is no such object on the server.


  • Connecting Azur AD through proxy.

    Hi All,

    I need help in below case.

    We are trying to connect Azure AD from server which don't have direct access to URLs. URL Access is enabled through proxy server.

    Firewall is enabled between job server and proxy server where URLs are whitelisted…

  • Unable to insert record in PersonWantsOrg table via. a custom script

    Hi All,

    Our Dell one identity current version is 7.1.3.

    I have a sync process that pulls data from anther database to one identity database. During this it inserts a records in PersonWantsOrg table. unfortunately, it is failing to insert a record and…

  • Native data base connector of Oracle DB

    Hi everybody, in the Connection editor wizard, in the "Extend key information" step I'm being presented with all the columns from the schemas in order to choose a unique identifying key.

    However I noticed that, from each schema, I'm missing…