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ADHoc Projection for Person to target


Can anyone tell me where I can get an example of a process orchestration for ADHoc Projection from Person to a target system?

I create a sync project to a sql table and that is working fine for the start up configurations.

I need to now create a process orch for Insert Update on the person to send when event occurs.

I know how to do the provisioning process operations but a bit lost on the Pre-scripting for generation and generating conditions.

Prescript for generating:

If Not CBool(Connection.Variables("FULLSYNC")) AndAlso _
$FK(Person).NamespaceManagedBy:String$.Equals("VISYNC",StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) Then

values("AdHocDataFound") = False
values("NeedExecute") = False

Imports System.Collections.Generic
Dim data As IDictionary(Of String,string) = DPR_GetAdHocData( _
$FK(Person).XObjectKey$, _

If Not data is Nothing
values("AdHocDataFound") = True
values("NeedExecute") = DPR_NeedExecuteWorkflow(data("ProjectionConfigUID").ToString(),entity)
values("ObjectKey") = New DbObjectKey(base.Tablename,$Person$).ToXmlString()
values("UID_DPRSystemVariableSet") = data("VariableSetUID")
values("UID_DPRProjectionConfiguration") = data("ProjectionConfigUID")
values("UID_QBMServer") = data("ExecutionServerUID")
End if

Catch ex as Exception
values("AdHocDataFound") = False
End Try

End If

Generating condition:

Value = Not CBool(Connection.Variables("FULLSYNC")) AndAlso _
$FK(Person).NamespaceManagedBy$.Equals("VISYNC",StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) andalso $CCC_IsExtDomainAccount:Bool$

Any help is appreciated