Docker Container - SQL connection domain service account


We have an implementation consisting of OneIM 8.0.2 and OneIM docker containers (job servers, appserver, web servers)

The customer would like to add a MSSQL target system (Native Database connector) and the customer preferred connection method is to use Windows domain service account and connect using integrated authentication.

If using a standard job server installation on a Windows domain server this would not be too much of a problem (just run the job server service under the windows service account) but when the job server is inside a docker container this is not so easy.

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be achieved using a Windows domain service account?


My thoughts on options:

  • You might be able to use gMSA with the Job Service container when you start him with the option --user "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE"

    But I haven't tested this and the user option is only available for container hosts running Windows Server 1709 or newer.

  • Hi...i have 0 involvement in SQL worker. Yet, some brisk googling recommended that the \something part must be done locally. Which means from your own PC you can do ip\something yet from a holder, regardless of whether it is 'on your PC', from inside the compartments perspective it acts and appears to be your PC as a seperate element. So you needn't bother with that last piece. Simply a conjecture. Truly inexperienced with SQL.