OneIM Assigning groups from two different domains to One Businessrole

Hello Experts,

I have a bit of an issue at my hand that i need your help with.  We have built several Business roles that are based on Department, Title and Location with dynamic roles.  we have a where clause defined in SQL portion in the Dynamic Rule.  When we apply these roles to a user, its adding the groups from our Legacy Domain as well as our new domain.  The Goal is to assign only group from the domain the business role is defined for.

Version is 8.0.1.  

Here is an example of one of the Where clause.

(UID_Locality = (select UID_Locality from Locality where Ident_Locality = 'MCK')) and (UID_Department = (Select UID_Department from Department where DepartmentName = '100-400-43006')) and 1 = 0 and lower(PersonalTitle) like '%director%'

This clause looks at the following things for Role "RG_43006_Director_TMK", _TMK tells me this is for TMK Domain only.

Location = MCK, Department = 100-400-43006 and Title = director

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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