How to retry provisioning of records from DPRMemberShipAction table?

According to documentation, DPRMemberShipAction table stores group membership changes to prevent Idm from overwriting changes made directly in external system.
If provisioning task fails, the record stays in the table. If it is successful, then it is removed from the table.

We removed a number of failed provisioning tasks from Qob Queue Info. Is it possible to initiate provisioning of these records again? I tried to find appropriate process plan but without success

  • The daily maintenance tasks schedule will remove the entries from DPRMemberShipAction that have no corresponding job. 

    Removing failed provisioning tasks is not a good idea, if the memberships are needed. Depending on the target system from the DPRMemberShipAction you may look the objectkey of the base object. If you don't have plenty of DPRMemberShipActions, my advice would be to add one member and remove it immediately again. Then the created provisioning job will take care of all the operations in the DPRMemberShipAction for this base object. 

    The other option would be to change the XDateSubItem for the base object and fire an update event, but the XDateSubItem doesn't have any edit rights out of the box.