Enhancement request for Native Database connector - inject extra values in provisioning workflow manually

Hi all,

We have a SQL table for a custom target application attached to OneIM's UNSAccountB, scoped to the proper UNSRootb. We are able to read from this table making it possible to onboard useraccount and entitlements from this table. SyncEditor is a great tool to simply configure the attribute flow. In Designer we have a custom provisioning object created, targeting our Update workflow for this application. Works fine as well. We are able to read and write using regular Sync flows and are able to provision new accounts and updates on this account.

But the SQL table we target has some extra colums like, last date modified, last user modified so we want to inject some static data into the update workflow.

In SyncEditor, on the left hand side of the connector, you are able to create virtual attributes and put a static value in there. Like "vrt_userModified = "IAMAccount" and "vrt_dateModified = date.today" for example. We mapped those to the target columns. But when you do an update, only the changed data from your unaccountb useraccount flow into the connectors workflow and the static virtual attributes (although mapped to the target column in the SQL app) are totally ignored. Would be great if it is possibile to put the virtual attributes in the flow as well. What we did to workaround this, is to change some attribute using the OnSaving event and use this in the virtual attribute. Sometimes it is really handy to inject some extra data in the workflow without the need to have it changed first from IAM. What are the possibilities to do this ? Current version is 8.1.0



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