Identity Manager -- Technical and Deep Dive Training at UNITE

Join us at UNITE this October to get Direct access to product development for Identity Manager, product managers and subject matter experts and learn best practices and tips and tricks to improve technical proficiency and knowledge. Provide your requirements for future enhancements too! 

Also, we have Keynotes from Gary Rowe, CEO/Principal Consulting Analyst and Paul Simmonds, CEO the Global Identity Foundation. Also, several customers are speaking about their solutions and uses cases including Investors Bank. In addition to our technical and business tracks, we have birds of a feather, innovation suite, UX sessions and deep dive technical sessions. 

Technical track:

  • Identity Manager Going Cloud - The Hybrid Journey
  • Privileged Account Governance with Identity Manager
  • One Identity Manager 8.x and where we are today
  • Identity Manager to consume SaaS services and offerings from our Starling platform
  • Performance Lab and first result using Azure VMs
  • Evolution of Identity Management/One Identity at Bechtel

2 deep dives:

Identity Manager Boot Camp
Presales level bootcamp, which enables attendees to: 

  • Identify the problems that Identity Manager solves
  • Position the product to their customers
  • Demonstrate the base product
  • Hands-on demo, with preconfigured lab environment

Identity Manager Monitor (Splunk and syslog-ng)
This two-hour, deep-dive session is for those already familiar with Identity Manager concepts. We will layer our syslog-ng technologies with Identity Manager logging capabilities so that you have a single pane of glass to monitor all activity in Identity Manager and quickly search for what you need. Additionally, learn how all of this data can be parsed and then the most important security data can be sent to your SIEM solution

If you have any questions, please contact me or check out UNITE Phoenix for more information.