adsgroup update from business roles

hello, need to bother again a little.

can anyone advise for me please when exactly am I expected to see that adsgroup object will be updated (which in turn will be handled by provisioning workflow when it runs)?

Let me explain:

When I manually assign AD Groups using Actuve Directory Target module I see the following jobs (tasks) in the following order

1) Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: handle object update for object type ADSGroup

2) ADS_ADGroup_Update

and then few minutes later that results in new Group member is added which is what I would expect

However, if I assign an AD Group using business roles and then assign employees manually or using dynamic roles here is what I don't understand - the graph representation of business role shows all groups for given role, it also shows me all employees which are expected to get a new group. But nothing like that happens, in fact I see that my Job Queue is empty and then later on the following user won't have his/her new group assignments in the Active Directory

If I run provisioning workflow (i have Groups and Users enabled and mapped by default) after finish there are also no changes

It seems that the systems still works fine but there is some procedural mistake, like I'm not yet triggering any ADSGroup update with my current set up of Business roles

Any ideas?

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