One Identity Manager 7.0.2: Moving the existing 1IM setup to new servers

Hi Team,

Need an advice for the below scenario:

If we are to create copy of an existing 1IM setup from old servers to new servers without changing the version, that is, to configure the job services, web portals, admin workstation and a new database server(with old data)  on the new servers, is there any advice/knowledge article available.

I know there is already an existing Quest knowledge article about moving the database to a new server. But do we also have similar steps for the job server, web server and admin servers?

My main question would be, do we have to instal 1IM afresh on the new servers and configure it from scratch, or would it suffice to copy the binaries from old server to the new servers and use the 'update database ' feature?

Any kind of advice is appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

  • Hi,

    Do you mean you have an existing database, but you want to configure new servers as a separate instance?

    You would have to run the installation in case, especially for the job server as the service needs to be created.  Rather than trying to copy binaries, wouldn't running the installer be much simpler?