ADSAccountinADSGroup entries not getting provisioned to Target System Active Directory

Hello All,

We are managing a few AD group memberships in IT Shop. Now for few days our production DB ran into issue so we had to tune our DB and then performanceturned to normal.

But any group membership requested and approved during that period is now not assigned to the target system. The product is assigned and the ADSAccountinADSGroup has the entries created. However these group membership were not actually assigned to the target active directory system. In the next AD reconciliation those entries turned to MarkedasOutstanding.

Now even if we unmarked them from outstanding (xmarkedfordeletion=0) and retrigger "Assign" event for these entries the group membership is still not provisioned to Active Directory.

Could anyone help us by suggesting a way to re-trigger the projection operation?

We are running version 8.0.1.