Accessing the Application Server Status Page Failing in IE, Fine in Chrome

In a lab using v8.1.1, I've installed an application server into a https website with a self signed certificate. I selected anonymous authentication when I installed the App Server. When I navigate to the site in chrome, I get the One Identity logon page and I can login and see the server status but in Internet Explorer I get a 401 Unauthorized and the string "Unauthorized" appears in the browser. I checked the response header and I'm getting a header tag that looks like this 

WWW-Authenticate: apphost realm="/auth/apphost"
Usually this would contain Basic in the place of apphost if it was failing Basic authentication. I don't know what apphost authentication is. Any ideas on how to get this working for IE? I've tried adding it to trusted sites, running as admin, accessing the site from another server, turning off windows integrated authentication but all the same result.