LDAP attribute deletion - Web Form

Hello One Identity Community,

I have encountered an issue as I have a specific need that I'm not sure how to meet. 

I need to delete an attribute from the LDAP (OpenDJ) through a Web Form. If there is a way to do this via IT Shop or some other means, I'm also very open to discussion regarding that.

The problem I encounter is, the Web Form is setup in a way to load the LDAPAccount table in as a Collection, and then I can update values in that table, and have them synchronize to the LDAP. However, I'm not sure how to delete certain attributes (not clear them, but remove that attribute from that user's account) from the LDAP Target System. My assumption is, there may not be a way to do this indirectly (updating the LDAPAccount table and letting the synchronization do the work). If there isn't, how would I be able to connect directly to the LDAP Target System from the form and then remove a particular attribute from a particular user's account?

Are there other ways of reaching the end goal of deleting that attribute in LDAP?

I'm running OIM 8.1 



  • Hi Ali,

    This can't be done with 1IM.  Attributes are mapped by column.  Thus, the attribute as it exists in LDAP is mapped to a column name, for example in the LDAPAccount table.

    So yes, the values of attributes, i.e. the column value, can be deleted, but that will not delete the actual attribute in the target system, LDAP.

    Is that what you mean?  Or are you actually trying to delete just the value as it exists in the table, in the database?