Remove secondary identities from a list of allowed recipients for IT Shop request

Hello Experts,

I am using Identity Manager 8.0.1 and I have a use case where I need to not display secondary/sub identities identities in the list of recipients for IT Shop request. So as an example, environment has main identities/person records that have several person records tied to them as sub identities through Person.UID_PersonMasterIdentity field. When a user logs in using their main identity to Web Portal to make a request, they are able to change a recipient to their sub identities, I would like to make the change where sub identities do not appear in the recipient list. I thought that making a change to global config in Web Designer 'Employees for whom a request can be placed' would do the trick, but it seems that if I state that a request can only be made for a logged in user, for some reason it would still show sub identities in the list. For example, uid_person = '%useruid%' still shows sub identities.

Is there a separate parameter that controls the display of sub identities inside the recipient list for IT Shop?