Creating custom forms for calling in tasks


In the designer inside 'User Interface -> Task Definitions -> Tasks' there is a task - 'AccProducParamCategory.Copy'.

In this script there is a line of call scripts:

strIdent = VID_InputBox(#LD("Please enter a new unique name with no more than 64 characters.")#, base.Columns("Ident_AccProductParamCategory").ColDef.Display)

Inside the script 'ScriptLibrary -> System Scripts -> VID_InputBox' script, then the following code is inside:

	Dim dlg As IFormDialogComponent = New FormDialogComponent()

    ' Prompt user for info
    If dlg.ShowForm(Nothing, "FormDialogInputBox") <> DialogResult.OK Then
        Return Nothing
    End If

Where can I see how to create form - 'FormDialogInputBox'?

In the designer, the 'User Interface -> Forms' itself 'FormDialogInputBox' is missing.