OneIM migration issues with encryption

Hi All,

We are using version 8.0 of OneIM and already have a dev environment but wanted to create another dev env for a different team.

As we are in Azure we cloned the entire VM and deployed it successfully, we followed the steps for database migration in the installation guide and generated a unique DB ID and compiled the data base successful.

We have configured the jobservices and everything looks OK, except when we start the sync we are getting the below error:

<x><w>2020-02-11 01:06:36 +00:00 - Warning: Stopped task requests for queue \xxxxx.<x>
<e>2020-02-11 01:06:36 +00:00 - Error occurred in ExecutionSlot (thread: Main Loop):
[821053] Could not decode parameter 'ConnectionString'.
[809016] The encrypted value cannot be unencrypted. There is no unencryption configured.<x>
<d> at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot.Execute(Job job)
at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot._DecryptParameters(JobParameters parms)
---- Start of Inner Exception ----
at VI.JobService.ExecutionSlot._DecryptParameters(JobParameters parms)

I was hoping that as we are cloning the entire VM the private key will be migrated as well and things should work as normal, is there anything that I am missing any assistance will be greatly appreciated.