Is it possible to display ADSMachine objects on IT shop?

Hello 1IDM community, 

I have a requirement to add AD computer to a particular group in Active Directory from IT shop.

The request workflow is as under:

User will request a resource from IT shop and a sub form will be displayed which will show list of all AD machines (objects from ADSMachine table) user will select or search his machine hostname and submit the request. After approval steps, event will be fired which triggers a process to add the selected machine to a particular AD group.

Currently, I am having a trouble displaying all AD machines on the IT shop as I couldn't find relevant option to do so. Load Collection: Load database objects action on web designer only have PersonForOrder, User, User Menu, UserNavigation etc option but I couldn't find any option related to Hardware or Machine object. Is there a way to display all or specific table values on IT shop to select for a particular IT shop resource?



  • Just to update community here. I was not able to display all the AD machine table on IT shop and proceeded with user manually entering the machine Hostname. The back-end process is adding the machine to a specific group in AD. script is working fine. However, I have a new challenge, default Validuntil abort processes which is triggered when product valid until date expires is not removing the machine from the AD group.