Application Roles management from IT Shop


I would like to manage the application roles from IT Shop but I have found the following behaviour:

1) I assign one of my employees as manager of an application role and a business role. From IT Shop, by default this employee could manage the business role (Responsabilities/My Responsabilities/Business Roles) but not the application role (no extra menu appears for manage it).

2) I assign the application role Identity Management\Business roles\Administrators to another of my employees, this role has the permissions group vi_4_ROLEADMIN_ADMIN assigned, which would give us permissions on both business and application roles (ORG and AERole tables). From IT Shop, again by default this other employee could manage all the business role (Responsabilities/Governance Administration/Business Roles) but none of my application roles.

I understand that business role and application role should be treated as similar objects from the it shop, am I wrong? Do I have to make any configuration changes to get what I'm looking for?

I would appreciate your help

(working with OneIM 8.1)