Error: [810215] Method Abort is been deactivated and cannot be called.

Hi All, 

I am calling the event Abort when the parent PWO is getting aborted which is triggering a process that aborts the Child PWOs in which I am calling the Abort method on child PWO. But the process is getting in frozen state with this error "Error: [810215] Method Abort is been deactivated and cannot be called."

The OrderState for my Child PWO is Unsubscribed as it is multi-requestable item and therefore can be reused. I know that the Abort method can only be called on Assigned state but is there way we can change that?

In the DialogMethod table, we have this column MethodScript which checks for the Assigned state, I have modified that condition but still I getting that error. Also, the column IsDeactivated is false in this table.

Is there any way this can be done? I am using version 7.