Change local cache directories for 1IM tools.


by default 1IM tools save some cache information under the "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Dell\One Identity Manager" directory, like AssemblyCache, Config, etc. Is there any way to customize these paramaters?
I've tried global.cfg like

<category name="RuntimeDirs">
<value name="Cache">x:\Dell\One Identity Manager\Cache</value>

but with no success. If there is a possibility to customize these parameters, how the application secific path (like %LOCALAPPDATA%\Dell\One Identity Manager\JobQueueInfo\) can be customized?

thank you

  • I think you cannot change this using the global.cfg.

    But you can change the cache directories using the application-specific .config file.

        <section name="runtimedirs" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler" />
        <add key="Cache" value="D:\TEST" />
        <add key="AssemblyCache" value="D:\TEST" />

    In regards to the application-specific directories, these can be changed, if you are referring to the log files by changing, the variable logBaseDir in the globallog.config.

  • Markus - is it also possible to change the location of the temp database file which is loaded when opening designer? It always goes in %AppData% but at my customer they don't have much space there and instead they allocate a different drive for this kind of stuff

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