Job Servers have random server functions being assigned to them

I'm in the process of setting up a job server which will be used for interfacing with a Unix based application.  The job server has three queues on it:  one for updating the server, one for running PowerShell scripts which interface with the application, and one for interfacing with the Unix host for user account management.  Using the JobServiceConfigurator, I setup the three queues.  In Designer, I setup the job server itself with no server functions and the Server, Job Server, and Unix machine roles.  On the server for the PowerShell I have the Powershell Connector server function, and likewise on the Unix server there is the Unix connector server function.  Everything was working as expected, and I left for the day.

The next day I received a hand-slapping from our implementation consultant for adding server functions (Atos WebService, UCI, AIX, etc.) which the target server couldn't handle and holding up jobs in my new queues.  Ok, maybe I made a mistake; I corrected it, committed it, and went about my day.

This morning I come in to work, and once again server functions, such as Atos WebService, CSV connector, etc., are assigned in Designer to the new job servers I created.  I contacted our consultant and he was just as baffled as I was.  He suggested looking at the update user in the table via the Object Browser.  Looking at the QBMServerHasServerTag table, I see the entries for the servers and their functions.  On all of the ones I added and committed, the insert and update user are my admin user account.  On all the mysterious ones which just 'appear' the users are both 'sa'.  Looking at the pairings, I see no logical reason for it.  The Unix server doesn't have any additional functions but the main server and the powershell server both have additional ones.  Some are the same across both of them yet some are just assigned to one or the other.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening?  Why are random server functions being assigned to job servers by the sa account and how do I stop it from happening again?