Mismatch AD versions

Hi Experts

Hope  you are doing well. We are using Identity Manager 8.0 and currently our Active directory version in our production environment is below –

  • Forest Functional Level (FFL) 2003
  • Domain Functional Level (DFL) 2008R2
  • OS 2008R2
  • Schema 47


However, currently we upgraded our non-prod active directory to 2016. Please find below the version –

  • FFL2016
  • DFL 2016
  • OS 2016
  • Schema 87


When I tried to update the schema I got null reference object error.

  1. How can I solve the error?
  2. Can you please let me know with IM 8.0 is computable with the above non-prod schema?
  3. Another question if IM8.0 is compatible in both AD version then whether there is any risk to keep maintain different version in prod and non-prod AD?


Thanks in advance