DPRMemberShipAction for O3EDL stuck

v8.0.1 (EX0

  1. A process that inserts into O3EMailboxInDL with a valid Mailbox and DL
  2. This in turn triggers the "Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: handle object update for object type O3EDL"
    1. Error results "(2020-05-19 04:39:37.617) Error saving Email Group 2020-05-19 1330: [System.NullReferenceException] Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when trying to set XDateSubItem
    2. The object and WHERE clause in the process do actually return a result, so not sure why process is saying it doesn't exist
  3. Add member entry added to DPRMemberShipAction for the O3EMailboxInDL, but never actually gets Provisioned (guessing due to the issues in 2.)

The only way to update XDateSubItem is via SQL, so bypasses all the triggers, so the Ship never Ships....

Any known issue? Am I missing something?