Designer takes a long time to load scripts - DialogScriptAssembly (v.8.01)


We have a large 1IM deployment with multiple developers working on the product concurently.

The issue I face many times is that I am unable to load the scripts in designer, it keeps loading the BLOB from DialogScriptAssembly.

Our DialogScriptAssembly table is actually quite big (6GB) which I guess contributes to the slow loading, but is there some way to avoid loading the entire dialogscriptassembly when working with designer?



  • 6GB sounds gigantic to me for the table DialogScriptAssembly. The databases I have checked show around 60-70 MB of data in the table.

    As the data from the table is absolutely necessary for working with the system, I suggest you are contacting support to check why the data in your table is of such enormous size.