Structural profiles management in CUA child system client. One Identity Manager 8.1.

I have a SAP CUA central system (SAP HCM, for example DHM 800) synchronization project  with project template "SAP R/3 Synchronization (Base Administration)".
I need to manage structural profiles in a child SAP HCM system client (DHM 106).
When I create a synchronization project  for a child system client (DHM 106)  with a project template "SAP R/3 HCM structural profiles" I get the following error: user accounts must be synchronization for the SAP clients DC=106,DC=00,DC=DHM before you set up synchronization of personnel planning and structural profiles.
Accounts are not really directly linked to this system client, because they are managed through SAP CUA.
What am I doing wrong? What is the best practice for managing structural profiles in CUA child systems?