Error while testing SAP connection from sync project.

Hi All,

While testing SAP connection in Sync project I am getting below error.

[VI.Projector.Connector.Base.ConnectionTSBrokenException] System not connected.

Login failed. (
LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host hacaphcp3000 / sapgw30
ERROR       timeout during allocate
TIME        Thu May 28 08:56:01 2020
RELEASE     749
RC          242
MODULE      /bas/749_REL/src/krn/si/gw/gwr3cpic.c
LINE        2212
DETAIL      no connect of TP sapdp30 from host
            dcplnx23806130.net01.extern05 after 20 sec
COUNTER     33

Could you please help me to find out what is wrong or missing.

Thank you in advance.