EntityLoadType for IEntitySource.GetAsync in Composition API


what is the effect of using the different EntityLoadTypes? I can't see any difference on the IEntity object returned when using GetAsync:

var query = Query.From("Person").Select("FirstName", "LastName").Where("CentralAccount = 'xyz'");
var entityDefault = await request.Session.Source().GetAsync(query, EntityLoadType.Default, ct).ConfigureAwait(false);
var entityDelayed = await request.Session.Source().GetAsync(query, EntityLoadType.DelayedLogic, ct).ConfigureAwait(false);
var entityInter = await request.Session.Source().GetAsync(query, EntityLoadType.Interactive, ct).ConfigureAwait(false);
var entityRead = await request.Session.Source().GetAsync(query, EntityLoadType.ReadOnly, ct).ConfigureAwait(false);

So EntityLoadType.Interactive has to be used in order to be able to manipulate the object, but what is the difference of the other 3 types since even with limiting by a Select("...") the complete object is returned anyway. Do the other 3 types have any significant difference in regard to the performance on huge tables?

thanks in advance, best regards

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