Need Help on group membership management via web portal

Hi Team,

I have created a web page for resource management for ADSAccount , Groups and third party identities of Person tables respectively each in separate tab. For example in the group tab, I am showing the list of groups owned by the logged in User. Created the label of each group name actionable and redirecting it to a new page (via separate module). Once any group name (hyperlinked) is clicked ,  it will go to a new page showing the list of accounts assigned to the clicked group, wherein I have created two buttons 'Add User' and 'Remove User' to manage the membership of respective group.

As part of my requirement, post clicking the 'Add User' , it needs to pop-up with a 'Search' button along with text box so that if the user enters any text similar to SAMAccountName/DisplayName in the text box and clicks 'Search', there will be a grid showing the results of searched criteria with checkbox for each row . Hence the user can select any account to be added to the group.

1. Now I need to show the selected accounts for all searches beside the existing grid of searched result so as to remove any account not to add them at the end

    --> How to show the selected accounts from the searched results' grid as a removable one just by clicking them? the tool version is V8.0.2

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