Best or recommended approach for custom connector


We are planning integration with an ERP-system and there seems to be various ways to do the implementation so I'm trying to find the best one.


  • One Identity will provision the target application including user accounts and their entitlements. This will be done over REST-api.
  • One Identity will read the user accounts, their entitlements and available entitlements from the target application using CSV or database as a source. The entitlements will be used in business roles which can be assigned to users.

For the provisioning over REST-api there are some recommendations to use Dialog Scripts or PowerShell. I'm not sure if this is still the recommended approach nowadays or is there some better way to do it.

If chosen Dialog Script or Powershell, how the provisioning scripts should be invoked? Can they be associated with target application which is modeled as a Unified Namespace? I wasn’t able to find clear (to me) overview or documentation, but that might be because the One Identity is still a bit new to me in this sense.

This topic ( is referring to which is not available anymore. That might contain something beneficial, but the topic (TOPIC-806883) seems to be offline.

I guess the question boils down to this: what is the recommended way to create a custom connector regardless whether it's based on REST or something else.


Thank you very much for your comments and advice.