Unexpected Sync Results in Identity Manager 8.1

I am trying to figure out why this is not working as expected. The scenario is pretty simple, I have a SQL database with a table with only two columns that combined make the primary key. This table is simply a person id and group id. I am having OneIM manage this via a resource mapping via PersonInQERResource. The sync project only has two mappings, the first which works perfectly being the Group -> QERResource mapping. It adds/removes/deletes as expected but has the SQL server (target) as master. However, the other mapping which should map the QERResource assignments back to the database is where I am having issues. 

Here is the mapping, also showing the matching objects in my test:

The workflow:

The mapping direction and workflow direction is Target System with data import checked.

Based on the results from the first screen shot, the expected result is the addition of the two unmatched assignments to the SQL database. However, the actual result is the deletion of the only matching result! What do I have wrong in this configuration?