How to filter ColumnEditor

Hi Community

I am trying to filter the tree of items shown in a ColumnEditor1 in the Web Portal, it means I am working on Web Designer.

I have the Single Row Collection (“UserInputs”) which has a property “UID_Department”. This property is used to store the uid_Department selected by the user. The UID_Department is defined, in the collection UserInputs, as Foreign Key to Department – UID_Deparment.

In order to let the user pick the Department from a standard “dropdown - tree” window, I binded the UserInputs to a Container(Iteration) then I added a ColumnEditor1 (Column-dependent reference), setting its property “Collection” to “UserInputs” and the other property “Property” to “UID_Department” (that is the property I want user to control). This work pretty well: when user clicks on the button “Change”, the web portal opens the window and show the departments hierarchically organized.

I have just one problem: how can I filter the Departments to show to the users? Moreover, if I pre-set the uid_deparment, in the textbox I can see the correct Department Name, but when I click on “Change”, the tree is closed and the selection is not set into the tree. Is it possible to open the tree pointing to the current Department selected?


Thank you in advance