Automatic removal of ADSMachines from an ADSGroup

I have design one custom request form on the IT shop where a user will provide hostname of his/her domain joined machine and custom process will add that machine in one Active Directory group. This is working perfectly fine!

Now I have to create a custom script to remove those ADSmachines from this group for which respective IT shop request is either aborted or unsubscribed. I am facing challenge in finding a way to do it, this might work if I delete respective row from ADSMachineinADSgroup but I am not sure how to do it via script?

On side note, this script will be executed on daily basis to check if any IT shop request has been aborted or unsubscribed today and remove that machine from this group (since there is no OOB support for ADSMachine IT shop request so had to do the workaround to ensure compliance)

I am using Identity Manager version 8.0.2

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  • Hi Daniel,

    You can use a HandleObjectcomponent - Delete process step directly in your chain if you dont want to use a script.

    If using a script, I guess you need to load the collecton of ADSMachineInADSGroup where uid_adsmachine is what you get from the request. Then, in the collection (IEntityCollection), delete each row

    Hope that helps

  • Hi Kinsasa,

    Thank you very much! I opted HandleObjectcomponent approach as it is more simple and straight forward. I just filtered my desired PWO requests using the generating condition, default PWO events, aborted and unsubscribedsuccessful did the rest. Finally, HandleObjectcomponent deleted desired entry from ADSmachineinADSgroup based upon my whereclause condition.

    Thanks again for your help :)