dbqueue deleting the entitlements of user before assigning new org

Hello Experts,

Genprocid remained same for a while till dynamic role re-calculation task(QER-K-DynamicGroupTest) is completed in Dbqueue for most part of day ,but if we compare the genprocid for deletion and assignment of ORG it is different(happened on another day took log from dialog watch tables)

So deletion and recreation not happened in single schedule(It might have happened in a single schedule but there is delay of 2 hours between deletion and reassignment of new role due to slot unavailability)

While dynamic role recalculation task is running, a task which creates slots also runs in parallel to create slots in Dbqueue and to move entries from Dbqueue to qbmdbcurrent.

Can anyone guide how can I further investigate the issue(I verified journal entries as well but it was not so usefull)

Did 1IM raise any defect for these kind of issues?

Awaiting for response.