Requirements for non-destructive HTML5 app compilation


we have a central development database for One Identity Manager used by various developers. Some developers are focusing on developing the API, whereas others are taking care about the FrontEnd and BackEnd stuff. Anyway, what sometimes happens is that some developers use the Database Compiler and once the compilation is finished, the HTML5 applications are not available anymore. As soon as the compilation is finished, the Assemblies of the HTML5 applications (e.g. Html_imx_operationssupportweb, Html_api-server-web-ui, ...) have been removed from the DialogScript assembly table. But for some developers, everything works fine and even if the compilation fails, the old Html*.dll assemblies are kept in the DialogScriptAssembly table.

Hence there seems to be a case that removes the Html assemblies during compilation and the question is why does this happen and how can we prevent such a scenario?

Thanks in advance! Best regards

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