Azure AD provisionning


I have implemented a process to provision Azure AD account. I relay on default process AAD_User_Insert.

But , I'm using scripts to calculate a temporary Field and  i then use he value of this temp field to  set the fields  : MailNickname (alias) , UserPrincipalName and Mail of the AADUser row. I'm setting these fields in the 'Value Calculation' of table AADUseR.

The thing is ,AAD_User_Insert launches before the scripts which calculate the temporary fields, and there is an exception. But after , AAD_User_Insert (i have no idea why) relaunches and every thing is set correctly.

In order not to have this exception, Can I set a the condition on AAD_User_Insert not to launch if temporary Field is empty ?

There is another process that lunches : AAD_PersonHasTSBAccountDef_AutoCreate_AADUser when i give a user the business role the triggers AAD user creation . I don't know what is the relation between the two process  

AAD_PersonHasTSBAccountDef_AutoCreate_AADUser and AAD_User_Insert  ?

Thank you .