One Identity manager 8.1.2: Resource Access Report on a share with everyone with full access

Hello everyone,

using manager console, I'm trying to generate an access report for a share on a netapp onTap Cluster Mode CIFS Device.

The share permissions for the share are
Account name|Rights         |Type           |Inheritance
            |               |               |
Everyone    |Full Control   |Allow Access   |Explicit

while the Folder Permissions are

Account Name            |Rights            |Type    |Applies to             |Inheritance
                        |                  |        |                       |
mydomain\Domain admins  |Full Control      |Allow   |This folder, subfol... |Explicit
mydoamin\userServ       |Read              |Allow   |This folder, subfol... |Explicit
mydomain\mygroup        |Modify            |Allow   |This folder, subfol... |Explicit

I check the following report parameter to define the content of the report:
Access deviations: Block Inheritenace or Explicit Access
Expand Groups
Use Folder Permissions

The content of the report seems to me poor:

Root Resource           |....................

    Account |Account type   |Via    |Access             |Held
    Everyone|Well Known     |       |Allow full control |Directly
Is it correct?
There is nothing about folder permissions.