Database update error during updrade from 8.0.0 to 8.1.3

Below steps followed as upgrade process-

1. Consistency check and error repaired

2. DB pre-requisites completed

3. Admin tool update with new version

4. Database update

We are stuck at step 4 and DB update is throwing the error-

Processing step 'QBM CheckInsertJob (insert post processing jobs)' failed.
31 - Sql command failed.
Error during execution of statement:
if dbo.QBM_FGIDBOwner() = 'CCC'
exec QBM_PDBQueueInsert_Single 'QBM-K-CommonReCalculate', 'QBM-K-DBPrincipalCreate', '', '4fdce9f8-582a-45af-9aad-44e0068f733e'
exec QBM_PDBQueueInsert_Single 'QBM-K-DBRoleDefFill', '', '', '4fdce9f8-582a-45af-9aad-44e0068f733e'

Database error 50000: re-throw in Procedure QBM_PDBQueueInsert_Bulk, Line 14
Database error 50000: re-throw in Procedure QBM_PDBQueueInsert_Int, Line 71
Database error 50000: detected in (SRV=PWCEURIRODB01, DB=IDAPREU) Procedure QBM_PDBQueueInsert_Int, Line 17
Database error 50000: Internal error: no valid Task given (QBM-K-DBRoleDefFill).