Integration between Identity manager and secret server SCIM

We have a product called Secret Server which is SCIM 2.0 enabled and could be Integrated with any other SCIM enabled application . We learnt that One Identity(Identity Manager)  is also an SCIM enabled application so wanted to test its Integration with Secret Server, may be through a trial account or in your test environment or whatever is feasible. Once Integration is done via SCIM we could typically exchange users / groups information between SCIM complaint applications which has it's own business value. If that test works either of us could be a potential client of each other . However I could not figure out how to do that with Identity Manager . I am not very sure if Identity manager is the right application for this kind of Integration or is there any other One Identity application that could serve the purpose. Would you be able to guide or provide any step by step documentation that I could follow to perform this test. Our application Secret Server is a PAM category application. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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