Custom scripts for Azure - v8.0

Hi Community,

For various reasons we have to use some custom scripts to connect to our Azure tenant and perform some operations using the Graph API

We have successfully done this using powershell cmdlets, but I was hoping we can do the same using custom VB.NET scripts since those are easier to work with. 

 I'm assuming we need to start by uploading Microsoft.Identity.Client.dll into software loader before being able to use it however I can't find any offline installer for it since our servers are not connected to the internet. 

Has anyone had any success in doing this? Any links/resources will be extremely useful

Using v8.0



  • You can take a look at the NuGet packages of Microsoft.Identtity.Client. The assemblies should be inside the package (can be opened with nuGet tools or a archiver like 7Zip).

    Then just upload the DLL with SoftwareLoader and reference it in your script code.

    Or, better, write your script in the SystemDebugger. Then add the Microsoft.Identity.Client with NuGet to your project. You should upload any new DLL added by NuGet to your database using SoftwareLoader.