Mapping UID_ParentDepartment

Hi all,

We have create a department (named 'dep') in Department table, and we want to reconciliate some objects from a Oracle DB and put them under ower 'dep' department.

In the mapping of the connector, we have create a 'Fixed value' property (named vrt_ParentDeparment) on the target system with the name of the department as value. We also have create a 'Key resolution by reference' property (named vrt_UIDParentDepartment) and select UID_ParentDepartment on 'Base property' parameter, and DepartmentName on 'Search property' parameter. Finally we create the mapping rule vrt_UIDParentDepartment <- vrt_ParentDepartment.
When we simulate the reconciliation, the UID_ParentDepartment schema property is not inserted to the departments, so the departments are not created under ower 'dep' department.

However, if we do the same steps with another schema property (like UID_OrgType), that property is inserted.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to achieve it?

Thanks in advanced.