How to break line in property value of web designer

Hey everyone,

We have migrated our platform from 8.0.1 to the latest version 8.1.4 in our UAT environment.

There are some modification on the web interface which are not accepted by the customer UAT.

One of our "issue" is about a break line which were present and working on 8.0.1 but seems not working anymore on 8.1.4 with the following property value :

I have tried many things like "<br/>", "\r\n", "Environment.NewLine" but nothing seems working.

How can we apply again this break line ?

8.1.4 render example:

8.0.1 render example:

Thank you.

  • Hi Steve,

    we have to differ here between two things.

    In a label your example 

    "text 1 " +
    + "text 2"

    just works fine.

    In a literal this does not work.

    In the special case there was a code redesign of the used viewing component from QER_Overview_Tile (8.0) to QBM_Common_Tile (8.1).

    So in your case you can resolve your problem in different ways.

    You use the older component QER_Overview_Tile.

    Or you adjust the new component QBM_Common_Tile by adding a new variable which can be passed (there "text 2" needs to go in) and add two literals to the components (one for the linebreak and one for "text 2".