Adding an alias to a Google account : Customizer error.


In version 8.1.3 , I'm trying to build a custom process for my web interface that adds an alias to an existing Google account. If I update the account manually or via sql update in the Object Browser it works right. However when I perform the update with my custom process in Designer I get an error. The process is a common HandleObjectComponent-Update on the GAPUSer "Aliases" column for the affected PrimaryEmail record. Example:

  • ObjectType: GAPUser
  • WhereClause : PrimaryEmail =
  • val_Aliases :

but the log shows the following error:


Error saving : [810306] Error during execution of 'OnSaving' in logic module 'GAP.Customizer.GAPUser'.
[System.ArgumentException] The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string.
Parameter name: address
Log written to [Job_58584982-5694-4a0e-b250-720c0da83218_20210416_073229184.log]


I dont understand what this parameter "address" refers to. Any clues?